The benefits listed below are available on one or more of the base products listed on the Product Details page. Use the below information to master each benefit before explaining its functionality to your customer.

Accidental Death Benefit

On Guaranteed Issue Plans, if death is accidental, the initial Account Value accumulated with growth (full death benefit) will be paid from the first day.

Spouse Accidental Death Benefit

If a spouse dies because of the same accident as the annuitant, the death benefit is doubled. If both the annuitant and the spouse are covered by two separate TruStage certificates, we pay the Spouse Accidental Death Benefit on just one of the certificates.

Joint First-to-Die Coverage

In group life or annuity products, this coverage can be used for two spouses. The death benefit is paid once on a first-to-die basis. The enrollment form is completed for the eldest applicant; plan availability and age limits will be based on the age of the older applicant. Indicate “joint coverage” at the top of the enrollment form and complete it in full. An additional enrollment form needs to be filled out for the younger spouse; indicate “joint coverage” at the top of the enrollment form and provide personal information, health questions and signature only. Both forms should be signed by the same certificate owner, and one certificate will be issued. The death benefit will be payable upon the first applicant’s death.

Splitting Joint First-to-Die Coverage Into Two Separate Certificates:

If spouses request that their Joint First-to-Die coverage is broken into individual coverage, the procedure is as follows:

Note: Submit both the Customer Service Request form requesting that Mrs. Doe be removed from the original certificate and her new enrollment form for single coverage to the administrative office.

Early Payoff Option

A premium-paying certificate may be converted to a paid-up certificate at any time. To request a payoff, the certificate owner needs to sign a Customer Service Request form #0068-65 with the requested plan change indicated on page 2, Section 10 of the form (see Documents and Forms page). The payoff must be for the same Account Value. A reduction in Account Value will be processed if a copy of the new Preneed Funeral Agreement accompanies the request and matches the reduced Account Value. The amount required to pay off the plan depends on how long the Time Pay plan has been in force. The administrative office can provide a quote based on the following general principles:

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